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Employment Law

Curran Law Firm's employment law professionals advise private and public sector employers on a wide range of issues which include: complying with wage laws; discharging employees; accommodating employee disabilities; guarding against harassment in the workplace; granting employee leaves; drafting confidentiality and non-compete agreements; and reviewing and developing employee policy manuals.

For many companies, ensuring compliance with the tangled web of federal and state wage laws is a constant challenge. This can involve issues pertaining to overtime, travel time, break time, child labor, and exemptions for white-collar workers. Hidden wage law violations often represent a company's largest potential financial exposure. We work closely with our clients to help reduce the risk by ensuring that payroll practices comply with these laws.

Another increasing concern for many companies is the growing number of requests, from disabled employees and their family members, for accommodations and leave. This is a complex and confusing area for many employers, but one that must be taken seriously and dealt with carefully. Many state and federal laws affect an employer's duties in this area, including the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Washington Law Against Discrimination, the Family and Medical Leave Act, and the Washington Family Care Act. Curran Law Firm employment attorneys provide advice on practical ways of meeting obligations under this maze of state and federal laws.

Despite best efforts in recruiting, virtually all businesses at some point face the difficult task of discharging an employee. We counsel clients through this process and help them avoid hidden landmines. An employee's termination raises many issues, including whether good cause needs to be shown, whether a severance package is required, whether a release of claims should be obtained from the employee, and whether the employee is entitled to any accrued income.

Unfortunately, even the most responsible employers sometimes face litigation. Our employment law attorneys bring years of litigation experience in both the state and federal court system and administrative hearings if the need should arise we are well prepared and positioned to represent our clients.

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